The Academies offer a differentiated teaching, adapted to each pedagogical project. Teachers provide individual instrument classes, which may be supplemented by group sessions. Students can attend all the other classes, upon agreement of the teacher.

High-level accompanists are available for instrumentalists within a limit of 3 sessions of 30 minutes per student. Additional sessions are offered as an option that the student can choose upon registration or during the masterclasses, subject to availability.

The premises allow for a very limited number of practice studios, therefore students should practice their instrument in their place of accommodation. Students who wish to practice outside their accommodation need to register with the option "Studio de travail avec piano" (5 hours per day). Beware, availability is strictly limited.

Classes take place in the Conservatoire de Vincennes (98 rue de Fontenay. Metro line 1 - Station Château de Vincennes or RER A - Station Vincennes).



- Piano working studio: +100 €
Access to a practice studio with piano: 2 students per studio, allowing for a minimum of 5 hours a day for the duration of the whole course.

- Vidéo training : +40 €
Students have the opportunity to record their repertoire on camera for 3 sessions under the best possible conditions in the conservatoire de Vincennes. According to a schedule set in advance with reception staff, performances will be recorded on a Panasonic HDC -TM900. Make sure you have an SD card with a minimum capacity of 4GB.

- Competition training: +40 €
Students will go through a simulation of competition, allowing them to test their reaction on stage in real time. A jury of teachers will be established for each instrument, and will offer their observations and guidance to the students.

- Additional courses with theacher(s) of your choice (2h/+210€ - 4h/+380€)
You want to take a step further in your preparation ? You want to discover the pedagogical approach of another teacher? This option will allow you, upon agreement of the selected teacher(s), to plan additional classes during the session. Terms and additional information from the secretariat.

- Extra hour with accompanist: +30 €
This option is meant to suit your needs and desires.

- Cancellation insurance: +25 €

To register with serenity, we offer a suitable cancellation insurance.

ABG, a specialized company, covers the events that could force you to cancel your participation or to interrupt your training. Details of the terms of the insurance in the general terms and conditions of sale.

- Visiting student: 165 €
Observe, listen, learn and understand. When you register you can freely attend classes and lessons provided by the teacher of your choice. The final registration is subject to agreement of the teacher. For pedagogical reasons, the teacher may occasionally ask visiting student not to attend a specific course.